PostLower Body Massage for Back Pain

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Cause of Back Pain

Back pain has many origins. Sports injuries, improper overuse injuries and even improper single use injuries all commonly cause or contribute to back pain. Many people talk about age related disc and joint degenerative disease as another cause of pain. Degenerative disease causes symptoms of cartilage or the bony joints themselves actually starting to break down. The simple blanket term “aging”, however, does not adequately explain these phnomena, because degenerative disease can start at any age due to chronic inflammation or an injury. When all else equal, a person’s chronological age does tend to correlate to an increasing likelihood of degenerative disease for the general population, but this happens largely due to diet and habits that may undermine their physical condition. Bad habits may include smoking or exposure to certain chemicals. Health conscious people can considerably reduce their chances of degenerative diseases. One must also learn and practice proper body mechanics and whole body stretches to avoid scar tissue and injuries.

massage for back pain

Massage for Back Pain

Massage for back pain can vary depending on the area that hurts and intensity required. Upper back tension, usually requires more emphasis on neck massage as well, as thats where tension usually begins and travels down to shoulders and arms. Upper back also requires different set of techniques, such as tui na, trigger point and specific stretches to loosen the pecs region as well as the scapula. Back pain on the other hand often times originates in the lower body so feet, legs and glutes need more emphasis. myofascial realease technique helps both upper and lower back pain. For extremely tighht dense areas, cupping massage offers a great advantage of breaking up pockets of adhesions deep within, and releasing bloodflow into the tight area, feeding it vital nutrients and oxygen. Regular deep tissue or myofascial massage can then follow to work out the now more pliable knots. Human touch cannot be compared to any tool or machine due to the energy and comfort it naturally produces in the recipient.

Body Mechanics and Back Pain

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