PostPositive Reinforcement Cure Cancer

Cancer Positive vs Negative

Positive Reinforcement Cure Cancer

Its true that disease starts in the mind. Did I really just say that? I always thought its in the gut…

Well, if you think about why the gut gets issues you will see that its due to access and normally this excess is of nutritionally unsound and downright nasty things going down. An excess of intake is a coping mechanism. Its a lack of positive reinforcement, and a distraction from negative thoughts that leads to an addiction to quick gratification. Quick gratification and positive reinforcement oppose one another. Teal Swan explains this pattern well in her video :

She also talks about mind’s direct effect on aspects of disease and cancer :

Cancer Positive vs Negative

Its also true that in this information day and age eating unhealthy is a choice. If you make this choice youre not loving yourself in essence. You may have convinced yourself that its not a big deal but the fact that you decided that food doesnt really matter to you shows that your health is not your priority. Growing food at home is actually simple: you just need viable seeds and water to make sprouts. making cooked food from scratch at home is also cheaper than putting together premade ingredients or going through drive thru. If you dont believe me, what about doctor bills? 😉

Back to positive reinforcement. Decide to love your soul and body first… Then come to this next step