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PostBikini Body Cellulite Blaster Tips

Bikini Body blast through Cellulite Its Summer time! …and nothing puts a damper on that bikini body of yours quite like cellulite…but everyone on this planet has cellulite! Its everyone except for your super toned grandma but who looks at her? Everyone is looking at you! You would think with cellulite literally being served at […]

Posteliminate toxic waste through skin

eliminate toxic waste through skin Your skin is your largest organ of elimination. To eliminate toxic waste through your skin you have to make sure it can breathe and that its not clogged. Toxins can build up in your body quickly when your colon, your other elimination organ, is constipated. BTw constipation is bowel movement […]

Postconvoluted relationship of leaky gut to hypothyroidism & anorexia

Why care about hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism means either your thyroid secretes inadequate supply of hormone  T4 or T4 is inadequately converted to T3 by your liver. The more of the following symptoms you have the more likely you suffer from hypothyroidism: chronic fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, rough skin, greying hair diabetes goiter autoimmune disease(multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid […]

PostKick Alzheimer’s with Fuller Lips & Sculpted Mouth

Alzheimers Brain function and Lips Bodies are wondrous creatures. Every part connects to another. Lips connect to your brain more directly than say your ears do. In fact, doctors have been able to establish lost brain function due to stroke and to reverse Alzheimer’s with simple lip exercises! They even designed Patakara, which inserts into […]

Postblood flow to the heart: spider veins

Blood Flow the Heart Variable As you know blood flow from the heart delivers vital nutrients, such as oxygen, amino acids, glucose, cholesterol etc so that your body sustains itself. Just as crucial is the blood flow to the heart. Your heart requires a steady supply of recycled blood to keep the cycle going. An […]

PostDeactivate Food Cravings with Face Massage

Cravings:cause of Its no easy task brushing off a craving. One craving can have a few neuropathways firing off at once. One may be a physical pathway, another a psychological one, as if one pathway isnt difficult to ignore already. Habit is yet another pathway sure to be reinforcing the message. What is so irresistible […]

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