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Postconvoluted relationship of leaky gut to hypothyroidism & anorexia

Why care about hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism means either your thyroid secretes inadequate supply of hormone  T4 or T4 is inadequately converted to T3 by your liver. The more of the following symptoms you have the more likely you suffer from hypothyroidism: chronic fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, rough skin, greying hair diabetes goiter autoimmune disease(multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid […]

PostLow Inflammation Foods and Arthritis

Healing Arthritis with Low Inflammation Foods Both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis seems to have become a global scourge. Since both types of arthritis have a direct link to inflammation in the body, and food has a lot to do with inflammation, lets discover some anti inflammatory foods. Osteoarthritis: Broccoli sprouts have some amazing benefits for […]

PostSensual Fuller Lip Secret Kicks Alzheimer’s

Sensual Full Lips Better than Lip Venom + anti Alzheimer’s Brain function Although lip venom’s effect on your brain has not been studied, doctors have been able to reestablish lost brain function due to stroke and to reverse Alzheimer’s with simple  exercises for sensual lips! Bodies are wondrous creatures. Every part connects to another. Lips connect […]

Postblood flow to the heart: spider veins

Blood Flow the Heart Variable As you know blood flow from the heart delivers vital nutrients, such as oxygen, amino acids, glucose, cholesterol etc so that your body sustains itself. Just as crucial is the blood flow to the heart. Your heart requires a steady supply of recycled blood to keep the cycle going. An […]

PostSimple strawberry wall garden design with Good Body Mechanics

Simple Garden design: strawberry wall As a learning gardener I m always excited about a simple practical garden design. I saw this strawberry wall in my community garden I told my self I can totally find purpose my own retired wooden pallets 🙂 two made by me;) and not holding up bunches of terracotta pots […]

PostHoliday Means Time to Relax!

*Not available for Couples Massages Holiday Paradox So why are holidays so sought after when really all we experience is so much stress before, during and after sometimes? Well, its that special time we get to socialize with people we normally dont get to, let alone see face to face. In anticipation of of those […]

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