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Postprofessional foam roller massage – back

Is Foam Roller as Good as Massage? Lets consider what exactly foam rolling does for our bodies. Foam rolling has been shown to: relax the body improve range of motion core stability balance body awareness flexibility coordination and focus These same attributes can be procured from  a good thorough deep tissue massage.  is it as […]

PostAssisted Foam Roller Massage Quads Ashiatsu

Ashiatsu Foam Roller Massage Now Offering Ashiatsu Foam Roller Massage!!! Foam rollers are awesome tools at home. However,  it would be that much better if it offered several fold more pressure. Introducing ashiatsu assisted Foam Roller Massage. You as the client can direct your therapist to spots that need it most. your therapist will then […]

PostFoam Roller Ashiatsu Chest Massage

Now Offering Foam Roller Ashiatsu Chest Massage!!! Lets face it, there is always some deep stubborn spot or two you just can’t get with foam roller! Meet Ashiatsu 🙂 or pressure done with therapist’s feet… It comes in really handy to apply full body pressure to really get deep into the muscle! Its basically Your […]

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