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PostHoliday Means Time to Relax!

*Not available for Couples Massages Holiday Paradox So why are holidays so sought after when really all we experience is so much stress before, during and after sometimes? Well, its that special time we get to socialize with people we normally dont get to, let alone see face to face. In anticipation of of those […]

PostDeactivate Cravings with Sensual Massage

   Sensual Massage & Cravings whats in Common ?? What do a craving and sensual massage have in common? Its no easy task brushing off a craving.  One craving can have a few neuropathways firing off at once.  One may be a physical pathway, another a psychological one, as if one pathway isnt difficult to ignore […]

PostKill Sinus Infections with Endorphins

Sinus Infections killed by Cups Yes! You can get your sinus infections killed with a couple of special well placed cups. Made of flexible silicone, glass, polycarbonate plastic and honey! these cups come in many sizes that you switch up as you vacuum your way over face, back, feet and everything in between. Moderate suction […]

Postnatural makeup:eye and eyelid exercise:

Natural makeup eye exercises will help you reduce or get rid of wrinkles and crows feet underneath the delicate eye area, tone eye lids, make your eyes larger, much more visible and more and more shapely,not droopy sullen and hidden. Your face has quite in impact on how others relate to you, positively or negatively. […]

PostNatural Makeup at Your Fingertips!

Natural Makeup are Massage and Exercise? Estee Lauder, Lancome may be pricey, but are not at all natural makeup. You probably felt delighted as I did, when a woman at Alta long time ago, beckoned me to try BareMinerals, an all natural makeup… But if you check the ingredients, BareMinerals has Bismuth oxychloride, an artificial […]

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